Representing Our Interests at the

 Provincial Level:

 KFA at the 56th BC Federation of Labour Convention


The BC Federation of Labour represents over 500,000 members from affiliates across the province, members who are working in every aspect of the BC economy including the private and public sectors. Part of how the BC Fed serves its membership is by lobbying for change to labour laws and lobbying for policy reform and action on issues that affect working people.

Our KFA participates actively through our membership in the FPSE. The FPSE is an affiliate of the BC Federation of Labour, and members of our KFA attended and participated at the BC Fed Convention as members of the FPSE delegation.



KFA Delegates


The Federation is a member of the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) and works with the CLC to further the interests of working people across the country.

The business of the Federation is conducted at conventions, and one of the things that happens at BC Federation of Labour Conventions is the passing of resolutions. Resolutions can be direction for action on the officers of the Federation or can be calls for action from members and affiliates.

This year, a number of resolutions on education were passed at the convention, and our KFA delegates spoke on these and other issues. We spoke on pensions, on social justice, on workplace health and safety, on raising the minimum wage and other important issues.


                                              KFA President - Terri Van Steinburg


Here are some of the education resolutions brought forward by FPSE and passed at the BC Fed Convention.



BECAUSE the provincial government has a mandate to provide language training opportunities for all BC residents; and

BECAUSE the BC government has failed to deliver on that commitment by cutting over $20 million in ESL funding to public post-secondary institutions in BC; now

THE FEDERATION WILL endorse the campaign efforts of affiliates in the public post-secondary education system to pressure the BC government to fully restore ESL programs delivered by public post-secondary institutions; and

THE FEDERATION WILL work with those affiliates to mobilize a broader public campaign that includes students and community organizations committed to maintaining affordable, high quality English Language training programs in BC’s public post-secondary institutions.




BECAUSE aboriginal languages in BC are under serious threat; and

BECAUSE it will take a dedicated and deliberate effort on the part of governments, First Nations' communities, and educators around the province to properly address the problems facing Indigenous languages in BC; now

THE FEDERATION WILL endorse a campaign funded by the

Federation of Post-Secondary Educators designed to address the crisis facing indigenous languages in our province.




                                                   KFA Executive Representative - Raphael Lagoutin



                                                           KFA Vice President Negotiations - Bob Davis


BECAUSE the BC Liberals have consistently under-funded post-secondary education in BC over the last decade and a-half; and

BECAUSE that under-funding has created an affordability and access crisis at public colleges, universities and institutes; and

BECAUSE the provincial government is now proposing to radically re-engineer post-secondary education by either eliminating or drastically reducing its support for a wide range of undergraduate programs; now

THE FEDERATION WILL go on record as opposing the government’s proposed re-engineering plan and will work with affiliates, student organizations, and supportive community allies to expose the failings of the government’s proposed plan and spearhead efforts to draft an alternative that addresses the affordability and access problems that are undermining post-secondary education in BC.




BECAUSE private language schools in BC that have international students studying for more than six months now require government accreditation which was not previously required; and

BECAUSE faculty at these institutions are increasingly turning to unionization to improve teaching and learning conditions at their institution; and

BECAUSE the voice of faculty needs to be better reflected in changes to the regulation and oversight of private colleges, institutes and other forms of post-secondary education; now

THE FEDERATION WILL support the efforts of faculty and staff at private post-secondary institutions to unionize; and

THE FEDERATION WILL call upon the provincial government to overhaul the current regulatory mechanism for private post-secondary institutions by establishing more targeted regulations that deal specifically with private language colleges; and

THE FEDERATION WILL work to ensure that the voice of faculty is incorporated into that new, more targeted form of regulation and oversight.



A number of social justice issues were taken up at the convention, and one of the most important is the campaign to raise the minimum wage in BC to $15 per hour. The BC Fed has taken up this important issue and it was the focus of an outdoor demonstration, the “Fight for $15” campaign. Please have a look at the campaign and learn more about it, and please consider signing the petition at:


Funding for public services is also high on the BC Fed agenda. A report, “Fight the Attack on Public Services,” was prepared and presented at the Convention. The report can be found here at:


More information about the convention and the other resolutions passed can be found at: